Preparing Your Car for Winter

Winter can be rough on our vehicle, but if you properly prepare your vehicle for the Taunton winters ahead, then you’ll be just fine and ready to hit the roads again once all of the snow melts. Learn how to winterize your car with the service experts at Mastria Cadillac, and visit our service center for all of your winterization and maintenance needs. Let us help you get your car ready for winter and drive with confidence. 

How to Winterize Your Car

Heavy snow and icy roads can make driving through Bridgewater dangerous during the winter. Luckily, there are plenty of steps that you can take to be prepared and get where you need to go no matter the road conditions. Here’s what you can do to prep your car for the winter:

  • Test Your Battery: Make sure that your battery is at full charge as low temperatures can put a strain on your battery.
  • Have Your Oil Changed: Winter temperatures can thicken your oil, making it less efficient. Have your oil changed frequently and try to use lightweight oil.
  • Check Your Coolant Level: Top off your coolant, and check your vehicle’s tank for leaks, and other components.
  • Check the Belts & Hoses: These parts can become fragile during the winter, so check them before it gets too cold.
  • Check Your Wheels: Snow or ice built up in the wheel well can cause your wheels to vibrate, so check on your wheels often during the winter.
  • Check Your Wiper Blades: Snow and slush can build up on your windshield, which can blur your vision, making it unsafe to drive through Middleboro.
  • Service Your Vehicle: Having your vehicle serviced and even inspected before the winter never hurts. Schedule service at Mastria Cadillac to see what your vehicle may need.
Winter Tire
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Windshield wipers wiping raindrops

Winter Tire Benefits 

Another way you can drive more efficiently on the Raynham roads is to put winter tires over all-season tires on your vehicle. Some of the benefits of winter tires include: 

  • Winter tires have deep grooves and tread patterns designed for winter.
  • All-season tires are built for rough terrains, but only winter tires have the capability of all-season tires and tires designed for snowy roads. 
  • Winter tires provide excellent traction, even on the slickest of roads. 

Need help finding winter tires? Visit Mastria Cadillac, and visit our parts store. Then, our service experts can install your winter tires for you. 

Get Your Car Winter Ready at Mastria Cadillac

Contact us for more tips and advice on how to get your car ready for the winter days ahead. Stay safe, and find what you need at Mastria Cadillac. 

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